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H. David Brown-President and Co-owner

From an early age, David Brown watched and studied his father, learning the ropes of the insurance business. He worked Saturday's at his father's office, cleaning and sorting mail. So, you might say the insurance business was ingrained in him from a very early age.

Servitude was also a part of his upbringing. He worked in ministry at his local church, serving the mentally challenged for five years. As a teenager, he also worked with kids, providing instruction as a bowling coach. He learned very early in life the importance of helping others and developing patience, traits that would help him later in life as an entrepreneur and leader.

In 1982, at the age of eighteen, he studied and received the required licenses necessary to sell Property, Casualty, Life and Health insurance. While working full time, he studied part time at night for nine years, eventually receiving a bachelor's degree in marketing from UW-Milwaukee in December 1991. David also worked weekends helping mentally challenged adults at the Norport Group in Port Washington. He assisted eight adults with cooking, cleaning and group outings, an experience he's grateful for even to this day. Those traits of working hard to achieve long term goals and helping others less fortunate is a part of the corporate culture he brought to B&J as a leader.

David's father instilled in him old fashion values with the following advice. Treat people with respect and kindness, provide good service, and give fast and accurate quotes. Bud also shared that hard work and a great attitude lead to friendships and long lasting business relationships.

Today, David leads by example. He's the first to enter the office in the morning. He believes his role as President is to lead through encouragement, assisting and advising where necessary, in order to empower his employees to perform effectively to achieve their goals and objectives.

With evolving technology and continual changes within the industry, he partakes in continuing education every two years to stay current with new laws, products and trends in the field.

David gives back outside the office too, volunteering with Big Brothers and Sisters. In his free time, he and his wife Marsha enjoy sports, working out and performing as local mobile DJ's. In addition, he does voice overs for clients throughout the world.

Huseyin Macar-Treasurer

Born in Bulgaria in 1974, Huseyin Macar has overcome many challenges most Americans would never dream of. In 1989, at the young age of fourteen, he left Bulgaria with his family to seek a better life. Living in communist Bulgaria, individual freedom of religion, movement or cultural expression was not allowed. Citizens worked for the government, either in factories or in agricultural endeavors. His father, a political activist staged a hunger strike requesting political asylum so he and his family could enjoy religious and cultural freedom. Huseyin's father wrote a petition to the government asking to leave the country. After a ten day hunger strike, he was summoned to the police station and granted asylum under one condition. He has to leave within 48 hours. The government gave the Macar family two choices, Switzerland or Turkey. Huseyin's father was of Turkish descent so they chose Turkey. Two days later, the family left Bulgaria by bus with a few suitcases filled with their belongings and a few thousand dollars to start a new life.

Huseyin stayed with his family in Turkey until he was twenty two, finishing high school and university where he received a Bachelors in business administration. He left Turkey in 1997, seeking a better education and greater business opportunities in America. His first year in the US, Huseyin attended Wisconsin English Second Language Institute (WESLI) in Madison studying English full time. Once proficient in his new language, Huseyin attended UW La Crosse for one semester and transferred to Marquette University where he received his MBA in 1999.

After completing his MBA, Huseyin worked as an investment advisor for John Hancock Life Insurance company in Brookfield from 1999-2000. It was at that time that he was introduced to property and casualty insurance which led to a position selling all types of insurance for the Hind Group in Milwaukee.

After six years of studying and learning the ins and outs of the insurance business, Huseyin form his own agency, Desi Financial Services, providing customers with auto, home, business, life and health insurance services.

Grateful for his freedom and his new life, Huseyin became an American citizen in 2010, two months before his first child was born. The lessons he learned from the challenges he endured have given him strength and determination to pursue opportunities for continued growth.

This past year, Huseyin bought into B&J Insurance becoming a full partner with David Brown and merged his company with B&J. His experience and book of business brings a wealth of knowledge to the agency and greater opportunities for staff and customers alike.

His life and business philosophy is simple. Treat customers and staff with respect and kindness. Empower them with knowledge to make the best choices possible. Lead with integrity and honor and treat others as you would want them to treat you.

In his free time, Huseyin enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. He loves to travel, enjoys outdoor activities including basketball and soccer.

A Team that's on Board with You.

Diane Weinfurter-Administrative Assistant

Diane Weinfurter joined B&J in March of 2015 and serves as an Administrative Assistant and assists B&J's agents with the underwriting process. She is responsible for completing client applications, submitting applications to the insurance carriers, quoting auto and life insurance and assisting clients with questions or concerns regarding their policies or premiums.

She has worked in the insurance industry for the past thirty years, learning every aspect of the business, while assisting agents and brokers. She loves helping people, especially the elderly and loves working with her colleagues at B&J.

Diane is a Milwaukee native and attended Juneau High School. In her spare time, she enjoys working in the garden, going to the movies, spending time with her husband & her daughter and going to classic car shows.

Diane Weinfurter-Administrative Assistant

Fulya Sen joined the B&J team in 2014 as a Customer Service Representative. As a CSR, Fulya is responsible for assisting agents, underwriting, compiling quotes, answering client calls, and preparing reports.

Fulya was born in Istanbul, Turkey where she attended the University of Istanbul. She graduated in 2000 with a degree in Biology and started working as an English and Biology teacher. In 2001, she focused solely on teaching Biology and was eventually promoted to school principal. As principal, she was responsible for all administration, supervision of all school personnel, and managing school regulations.

In 2005, she relocated to the U.S., where at Lakeview Elementary School she continued her teaching career as a TLC (Teaching, Learning, and Care). With a continual thirst for knowledge, Fulya attended MATC between 2006 and 2009. Prior to joining the B&J Insurance Agency, Fulya worked as a medical billing specialist at Billing Management, where she also acquired customer service experience. After becoming interested in the insurance industry, she refocused her career and attended Kaplan University where she completed Life & Health and Property & Casualty classes in 2014 and 2015.

Fulya is also an accomplished artist, having participated in a collective exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey in 2005. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, arts and craft projects, drawing and oil-painting. Fulya is bilingual and speaks Turkish and English.

Lindsay Dulek-Customer Service Representative

Lindsay Dulek joined the B&J team in January of 2020. Lindsay is responsible for assisting B&J agents, completing client applications, answering client calls, and assisting clients with questions or concerns regarding their policies or premiums. Lindsay values the experience her colleagues and superiors bring to the table, and appreciates the knowledge being passed on to her.

As a young teen, Lindsay went on a mission trip with her church to help in the construction of houses and to work in shelters serving food and helping homeless families in Texas for 10 days. During that trip, Lindsay learned to always reach out a helping hand to those less fortunate than you when you can. Working in the customer service industry for over 10 years and helping customers has always been rewarding work for Lindsay. She is enjoying working with B&J customers to help get every client an affordable and personalize policy.

Currently, Lindsay is attending Kaplan University for her Life & Health and Property & Casualty classes. She is implementing what the B&J team is teaching her and what she is learning daily in her course work into helping customers every day. In her free time Lindsay enjoys spending time with her fiancé, 4 kids, and their dog. She in recent years has begun restoring old wood furniture and customizing it for her children. Lindsay loves going with her family to state parks, water parks and enjoys camping and being outdoors.

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