Recreational Watercraft and Boat Insurance

Boating insurance is not required in Wisconsin, except in the case of commercial fishing boats. Typical homeowner policies generally cover $1000 for damage to a boat while stored at your home or in a garage. For some larger boats this coverage may not be adequate. Additionally, most homeowner's policies do not cover mechanical breakdowns, wear and tear, racing, and nuclear hazards. For boat owners who own larger vessels, a comprehensive boat insurance policy can further protect your investment. In the event of collisions with another boat, swimmer or skier, bodily injury can occur that could lead to property damage or medical claims against you. Boating insurance can cover legal fees and settlement fees.

Boaters Tip:

To stay safe and keep your premiums to a minimum, we recommend taking courses on boater safety either online or in a classroom setting. These courses can save money on a Wisconsin insurance policy since it shows you are a low risk, conscientious boater.

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