Snowmobile Insurance

Snowmobile Insurance is required in the state of Wisconsin. The good news is that it's relatively inexpensive, averaging approximately $10 per month. To protect yourself, your passengers and your investment, it is a small price to pay. Coverage includes protection for bodily injury and property damage. Most policies cover more than one driver.

Other available snowmobile coverage options include:

Uninsured and underinsured snowmobile coverage – protects you if another snowmobiler causes damage to your sled or bodily injury and lacks coverage to pay for your costs.

Accessories coverage

— includes compensation for damages to trailers and accessories

Comprehensive coverage

— protect you from other damages such as storms, theft or vandalism.

Roadside assistance

— provides transportation and assistance for yourself and your snowmobile should your sled stall and you become stranded.

For more information on snowmobile insurance, please contact our office and ask an agent to review all your options. Request how to obtain insurance discounts if you own more than one sled.

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